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TRG offers a collaborative design/build approach to give our clients one point of contact, and one point of responsibility.
We will work with our strategic A & E partners, or with our client’s preferred design team to quickly define:
        Client’s Program Objectives
                Evaluate strategic plan and hiring plan
                Perform existing equipment and equipment procurement inventory
                Analyze existing conditions of space the client is looking to repurpose
        Client’s Economical Objectives (Capital & Operating)
                Early Guarantee
        Client’s Timing Objectives

TRG takes ownership of these Objectives and executes. By managing the design process from inception, we are able to afford our clients the ability to make real-time decisions based on how each decision affects all three objectives – not just one.

When it’s time to build, a detailed logistics and safety plan will have been long-since finalized, the permit is in hand, the equipment is available, and the subcontractors have been hired. Because of this robust planning, construction will be efficient, safety will be paramount, and the results will be predictable.

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